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Eclipse Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 3/28/24

What is a Total Solar Eclipse?

A total solar eclipse of the Sun is when the Moon completely hides the solar surface or photosphere, thereby cutting off all direct rays of sunlight from the observer. The Moon is between the Earth and the Sun.

When is the Total Solar Eclipse?

The Total Solar Eclipse will be held on Monday, April 8, 2024.

Why is this relevant to Kerrville and the Hill Country?

Kerrville is fortunate to be on the path of totality and will experience totality for 4 minutes and 25 seconds, making Kerrville an ideal location to experience the celestial event. The entire event will be approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Eclipse Begins: 12:14 p.m.

Totality: 1:32 p.m. – 1:36 p.m.

Eclipse Ends: 2:55 p.m.

How can I view the Eclipse safely?

You will need to wear special glasses to view the Eclipse safely. Eye damage can occur if you look directly at the sun without appropriate protection, except during totality. Eclipse glasses should meet the ISO 12312-2 or ISO 12312-2:2015 international safety standard. Be careful of counterfeits. Sunglasses and other eyewear are not safe to view an eclipse.


DO wear ISO-compliant eclipse glasses.

DO experience totality, then as soon as the bright Sun reappears, use your eclipse glasses again to view the remaining partial phases.


DO NOT look at the Sun without proper eyewear.

DO NOT look at the Sun with sunglasses.

DO NOT look at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed Sun through an unfiltered camera, telescope, binoculars, or other optical devices.

DO NOT look at the Sun through a camera, a telescope, binoculars, or any other optical device with your eclipse glasses. The concentrated solar rays will damage the filter and enter your eye(s), causing serious injury.

DO NOT remove your solar filter before the Moon completely covers the Sun’s bright face and it is entirely dark.

For more information about eclipse eye safety, visit or contact your physician.

Where can I buy Eclipse glasses?

The City of Kerrville sells eclipse glasses individually and in bulk at the locations listed below. Sales are in person. Glasses will also be sold at the Kerrville Eclipse Festival to be held on April 8, 2024 in Louise Hays Park. Contact the Parks and Recreation Department for details. Additionally, NASA has provided glasses for all Kerrville ISD students.

  • The Kerrville Convention & Visitors Bureau has glasses for purchase at their Visitor Center located at 2108 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, TX 78028. 830-792-3535.
  • The City of Kerrville Parks & Recreation Department has glasses for sale at 2385 Bandera Hwy, Kerrville, TX 78028
  • Kerrville City Hall 701 has glasses for sale at Main Street Kerrville, Texas 78028
  • Gibson's Discount Store has Eclipse Glasses for sale at 111 West Main Street, Kerrville, TX 78028.
  • West Kerr Chamber of Commerce also will have Eclipse glasses for sale at 3186 Junction Highway, Ingram, TX 78025.
  • Hill Country Arts Foundation will have Eclipse glasses for sale at 120 Point Theatre Rd S, Ingram, TX 78025

Will there be commemorative Eclipse merchandise, and where can I buy it?

Yes! You can find Eclipse Merchandise at the following locations:

  • Eclipse posters and shirts are available for purchase. Merchandise can be purchased at the Kerrville Parks and Recreation Department located at 2385 Bandera Hwy, Kerrville, Texas 78028. Supplies are limited, so get your official merchandise while you can.
  • Kerrville Convention & Visitors Bureau has commemorative Eclipse T-Shirts available for purchase located at 2108 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, TX 78028. 830-792-3535.
  • Gibson's Discount Store has select memorabilia for sale at 111 West Main Street, Kerrville, TX 78028.
  • River's Edge Gallery has designed their own commemorative Eclipse T-Shirts available for purchase located at 838 Water St. Kerrville, Texas 78028. 830-895-5184.

How is the City of Kerrville preparing for the Eclipse?

The Kerrville City Council established an ad hoc planning and emergency management committee for the 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse and the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. The committee is tasked with planning to consider issues and report findings, conclusions, and proposals in an advisory capacity to the City Council, and will be the convening body for the larger local planning group.

Goals are to ensure public health and safety; identify needed resources; mitigate major issues and impacts on our community; plan for emergency management; plan for event / tourism components; and provide for a welcoming and enjoyable experience for our community and guests.

Represented on the committee are:

  • City of Kerrville’s Director of Parks and Recreation – Ashlea Boyle, Chair
  • City of Kerrville’s Fire Chief – Eric Maloney, Co-Chair
  • City of Kerrville’s Police Chief – Chris McCall, Co-Chair
  • Kerrville Convention and Visitors Bureau President and CEO – Julie Davis, Co-Chair
  • Additional community stakeholders

How many people are expected to come for the Eclipse?

While it’s impossible to put a definitive number to this, we expect the normal population of our community to double. This is considered a high-impact event for our community. It’s important to know that tourism due to the Eclipse is weather-dependent. If the weather is not conducive to viewing, we expect to experience a decrease in the number of guests.

Will this affect Traffic in the Kerrville Area?

The Kerrville Emergency Management Solar Eclipse Team held a Press Conference on March 14th, 2024 addressing traffic and safety concerns. Click here for Traffic Update Information.
For printable City of Kerrville traffic and road closure plans click here.
For TXDOT Eclipse updates click here.

As a community member, how should I prepare?

Kerrville residents are fortunate to experience this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event. Below are some recommendations and information to help you prepare.

Things to consider doing in advance:

  • Appointments and Medications: It is recommended to complete routine errands and any appointments the week before the Eclipse. Check your medications to ensure you have plenty available, as the influx of people may cause delays.
  • Local Businesses: Be sure to check with local businesses and service establishments to determine their hours of operation. Businesses may be closed on the Eclipse day or have modified hours. Lines may be longer than usual for establishments that remain open.
  • Groceries and Shopping: Getting groceries and supplies the week before the Eclipse is recommended. Some supplies may be limited due to the high demand, making some items not immediately available. Get what you need in advance, do not horde as it creates unnecessary problems, and the supply chain is expected to return to normal shortly after the event.
  • Gas: Filling up your vehicles the week before the Eclipse is recommended.
  • Cash: Consider having cash on hand if credit card processors are down due to the strain on the infrastructure.
  • Arrange for Childcare: Kerrville ISD officials have already decided to close the schools on Monday, April 8, 2024. Be sure to consider childcare for those who need it.

What is the official website and social media pages for eclipse information in Kerrville?

Website: |Instagram: @KerrvilleTXEclipse | Facebook: Kerrville Eclipse

I live inside City limits; can I rent out my home overnight for the eclipse even though it is not permitted as a short-term rental?

The City of Kerrville has approved an ordinance that governs the operation of short-term rental units within the city limits. To provide detailed information on the process of obtaining a permit to operate a short-term rental unit, the city has created the following webpage:

The Kerrville Convention & Visitors Bureau will only list licensed/permitted hotel occupancy tax-collecting properties in Kerrville on our website and other information platforms.

The West Kerr County Chamber of Commerce is also a resource for listings of accommodations in Kerr County and can be found here.

I live inside City limits; can I charge people to park at my home to view the eclipse on my property?

The City has not enacted an ordinance governing the charging of fees for parking on private property. Chapter 102, Traffic and Vehicles, Article VIII Stopping, Standing, and Parking, provides additional information on where parking is prohibited or restricted. City Code:

I own or rent a business in City limits, can I charge people to view the eclipse on my property?

The City has not enacted an ordinance governing the charging of fees to view the eclipse at a business. However, all business owners must comply with the occupancy load assigned to their premises. If you have any questions regarding occupancy, please feel free to contact the Fire Marshal ( or the Deputy Fire Marshal ( for further assistance

Will schools be closed for the Eclipse?

Kerrville ISD schools will be closed on Monday, April 8, 2024.

Will overnight camping be allowed in City parks?

No, overnight camping is prohibited in City parks and on City property. Kerrville-Schreiner Park is the only exception and will allow overnight camping by reservation only. Contact (830) 257-7300 or visit for more information.

I’m traveling from out of town, where can I park my RV?

There are several businesses that operate RV parks within the city limits and surrounding areas. An RV may be parked within a residential district and actively used for lodging but may not exceed fourteen (14) days of use. For additional information on this topic, please review City code:

I'm traveling from out of town, where can I dump my waste?

At this time there is no public stations for RV waste, please plan to make arrangements with your campsite or plan for dump site on your travels back home.

Can I host a special event?

Yes, however, events held on City property require a special event permit per City ordinance. Applications are managed by the Parks and Recreation Department; (830) 257-7300, Additionally, all eclipse events are encouraged to register their event at

How do I find out about local events occurring on the day of the eclipse?

The Kerrville Convention and Visitors Bureau is the official resource for community events. (830) 792-3535 / (800) 221-7958 / /

Can I organize a group viewing at a City Park?

Group use of parks require a permit. Contact the Parks and Recreation Department for details; (830) 257-7300;

Can I set up chairs on the street or on City property to view the eclipse (like a parade)?

No, due to public safety concerns, items cannot be left on roads or City property.

Can I sell food or drinks?

The City of Kerrville Development Services Department requires temporary health permits. Contact information:

200 Sidney Baker Street North (located on first floor of the downtown parking garage)

Daryle Poe, Health Specialist

(830) 258-1514 |

I’m traveling to the Kerrville area for the eclipse, what should I bring with me?

It is recommended to bring the following: water, food / snacks, first-aid kit, necessary medications, cash (ATM’s may be limited), sunscreen, sunglasses, hat / visor, comfortable clothes and shoes, appropriate clothing for the weather (Texas weather is unpredictable), printed maps of the area, directions, and reservation receipts as cell service may be limited or impacted.

I’m traveling to the Kerrville area, do I need to make a hotel reservation?

Yes! Hotels are expected to be at capacity. Make your reservations as soon as possible and find out hotel occupancy status here

How should I prepare for my health needs during the eclipse?

It’s important to be prepared for all of your health and well-being needs during the weekend of the eclipse. Travel around the community will likely be challenging due to the expected influx of visitors. Preparing in advance helps ensure you can avoid any unexpected medical needs. Here are a few tips:

  • Start planning well in advance. Make sure you have adequate supply of any medications or medical supplies you rely on. Accessing these items during the eclipse weekend will likely be difficult. Contact your pharmacy to get details on operating hours.
  • Keep a well-stocked first aid kit on hand.
  • Follow proper eclipse viewing guidelines to avoid eye injury during the event.
  • If you find yourself in a medical emergency, call 911 for assistance.
  • Peterson Health’s Urgent Care Center will be open. Visit for a list of conditions treated. You can schedule on-line or call 830-258-7669 for an appointment.

How can businesses can prepare for the influx of guests?

Take advantage of the influx of guests to our community by extending your business hours and being open throughout the weekend leading up to the event and the day of the eclipse! The hospitality industry will experience the largest impact. Hotels and motels, other lodgings, restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores can expect to see a considerable increase in customers.

For food and drink establishments, consider increasing food and drink supplies to meet higher-than-usual demands. Restaurants should consider limited menu options and grab-and-go options. Focus on items that can be stored or frozen to eliminate the possibility of spoilage of unsold items.

Avoid scheduling appointments and meetings on April 8, as most if not all will be cancelled at the last minute due to the eclipse and traffic congestion. Make eclipse-friendly signage for your property (for example, “Welcome Eclipse Guests!”), consider food and drink specials to attract eclipse customers and increase your sales.

Additional Information for locals:

Drive people to and the eclipse socials for current information

Instagram: kerrvilletxeclipse | Facebook: Kerrville Eclipse

Eye safety:

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Find out about eclipse-related events here and

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