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Show Your Badge Business Application

The Kerrville Convention & Visitors Bureau offers a “Show Your Badge” program to our conference groups that are staying with us in Kerrville. Our goal is to give a warm welcome to visitors and promote your business to visiting groups.

This program is designed to encourage conference attendees to visit our restaurants, merchants, and attractions here in Kerrville by offering discounts and other value-added promotions.

The program currently allows attendees to present their Kerrville name badge or an insert from their welcome bag to get a discount from partners. There will be a QR code or shortlink on the inserts that links to an unlisted directory of participating businesses, with information on the offers from each business. In order to encourage participation, these inserts will go out in all welcome bags.

This program is free for businesses within Kerr County to join. If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ below or contact us at (830) 792- 3535 for more information.

"Show Your Badge" Promotion FAQ

Is this program free to join?
Yes! As this is a service that we’re providing to visiting groups, this is free for businesses to join. Our only requirements are that your business is in Kerr County and that you agree to contribute a discount or other value-added offer.

What sort of offers are appropriate for the program?
Offers are at the discretion of the business, but we commonly see things like:
  • Flat 10% off an order or retail purchase
  • Free appetizer, dessert, or drink with the purchase of two entrées
  • Free item with retail purchase of $50 or more
  • Discount on a specific item or collection, or a BOGO promotion

What exclusions/restrictions should be considered?
If you’re offering free items, you might choose to limit those to a certain dollar amount spent, or in the case of a restaurant, limit free items to purchases of two entrées or set a limit per party/table. In the case of drinks, you might exclude alcohol and limit your offer to tea, soft drinks, etc.

Especially with restaurants, just take into consideration that these offers will primarily be marketed to groups. Simple, clear offers make it easier on both staff and groups!

How can offers be redeemed?
Visitors must show their group name badge. Currently, these will be their Kerrville branded name badge or a general welcome bag insert with a QR code and/or shortlink. Eventually, these will be customized for specific groups. If you’re on our email distribution list for incoming groups and upcoming events, you’ll be able to see in advance which groups we’re expecting.

Will visitors provide details of offers to staff?
Visitors may or may not have the information with them, but it will be available via a QR code or link on their name badge or welcome bag insert. Ultimately, it’s up to staff to know the details of these promotions, so we recommend keeping information handy where staff can easily see it—at the register, where employees clock in, etc.

How often can offers be changed/revoked?
Offers can be changed or revoked at any time. Please call and update us on what you’re offering so we can keep our website listings updated. It’s recommended to stay consistent and only make changes seasonally, or based on item availability. If we get multiple reports that visitors are unable to redeem offers, businesses are subject to program removal.

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