'Artistic Synergy" - Pint & Plow Brewing Co.

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'Artistic Synergy" - Pint & Plow Brewing Co.

Date: Mar 20 - Apr 29, 2024
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"Artistic Synergy: Digital Realms of Nature and Nurture"

Helen L. Lesley
March 11th - April 29th
Prints on display and for sale

From the artist:
"I'm a digital artist from Kerrville, Texas, with a passion for weaving together the intricate themes of nature, nurture, and emotional bonds. My journey into art began as a young girl; I was captivated by the faces of both people and animals, closely observing their body language and expressions. This fascination laid the foundation for my artistry, which, although primarily digital, also embraces traditional techniques.
I delight in crafting digital narratives that delve into the deep connections between beings, inviting viewers into a world where every line and color tells a story of kinship and care. Presenting my work in my first art showcase, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and continuously inspired to highlight the unity and diversity of life.
Open to commissions and collaborations, I aim to reflect the intricate tapestry of relationships that define us all."
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